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Northgate Attendance Boundaries

Jun 01, 2016 09:40PM ● By Jennifer Neys

Northgate Attendance Boundaries

During Public Communications at the May 3 City Council meeting, representatives from the Northgate community spoke to council about the Mt. Diablo Unified School District’s April 25 unexpected decision to extend the attendance boundaries for Northgate High School to include Clayton and areas of Concord (to include students in the Clayton Valley Charter High School attendance area who do not want to attend Clayton Valley Charter). They asked for city council’s help in repealing the Boards decision.

“That was a shock to us. Nobody new that this was the plan of action and we are very concerned not only with the thought of overcrowding-we are full right now-but adding even 25 more students would be a problem for the high school and envisioning this happening for subsequent years is just beyond us—how it impacts our students, our teachers our faculty, are roads, our neighbors, parking lots, it’s a huge impact,” said Northgate resident Alisa MacCormac.

Responding to the news, Councilmember Cindy Silva said, “I think this is an opportunity for us to have a dialogue with our colleagues on the Mt. Diablo governing board and at the very least I think the Public Works department and our traffic engineering division needs to really be looking at this.” As a result of the city council discussion, Mayor Loella Haskew composed a letter to the Board asking that they reconsider. “The City Council adds its request that the Board of Education rescind its decision to alter the feeder pattern related to Northgate High School and reconsider its options once the analysis has been completed and the public has further opportunity to review the results and provide input to the Board”

On May 9, after tremendous community protest, the MDUSD School Board rescinded their action to increase the boundary area for Northgate High School.