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Brewing Company Ready to Open

Apr 03, 2016 01:49PM ● By Jennifer Neys

After two years in the making, Farm Creek Brewing Company, the only family-owned and operated brewery in Walnut Creek, is looking to officially open its doors to the public in May. Owner and Brewer, Randy Janinda said, “The brewing process, from grain to glass, is two to three weeks. We want to launch with six different beers. We only have three tanks, so if we were to start brewing right now, that puts us early to mid-May for our grand opening.” 

Although Farm Creek will start with six, their tap system will be built for twelve taps and they will add more once they get going and the brewery will offer the full spectrum of beers. “We’re not going to have hop heavy beers, we will have an IPA on tap, but we’re focusing on more palatable beers that pair well with food and hanging out with people. Lighter beers with more flavor such as a light lager, a pilsner, a stout and amber, Scottish ale and a wheat. We’ll add and subtract depending on how the market responds to those beers,” added Janinda.  Patrons can also bring their own food to pair with a beer at the brewery and tables and benches will be on site. Farm Creek will also sell some beers to local bars and restaurants and they will also sell and package beers to go in a crowler, a 32oz. can. 

The Janinda’s also look forward to giving back to the community. “As we grow our business our goal is improve the community. All our charitable efforts will be Walnut Creek focused. It’s kind the core of what we do and why we are fighting so hard to be in this town”. Although the brewery is on track for a May opening, Randy joked that “the only other potential surprise is if we brew a batch of beer and it’s not good by my standards, I’ll dump it down the drain, we won’t keg it and once we do have good beer in the keg, that’s when we’ll open!”  Let’s hope for a May opening. 

Farm Creek Brewing Company is located at 1415 Pine Street.