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Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center and Sustainable Contra Costa Offers Workshops.

Jan 28, 2016 08:43AM ● By Jennifer Neys
Kick off the new year with some newfound knowledge about your garden and how to make it the best it can be. Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center and Sustainable Contra Costa offer a bounty of workshops.

Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center 
January 30 - March 19, Saturdays, 10am - noon, 315 Cortsen Road, Pleasant Hill 
$35/class or $230/series (save $50!) 
Register now! 

February 13: Saving Private Soil: The garden's most critial soldier. The quality of soil makes or breaks any garden. Anyone can improve their soil with just a little time and effort - and it doesn't have to cost a dime. Plus, the healthier your soil, the more you save in amendments, your garden blossoms and you spend less time weeding and wondering why your garden isn't thriving. Participants will be able to: indentify soil characteristics based on texture, structure and types of plants growing in it; know what turns soil into dirt; understand basic plant biology (and why never to buy petrochemically-based fertilizers again); know how to compost and vermicompost; understand the importance of organic matter in soil (hint: more is better!).

February 20:  Water:  Slow it, Sink it, Spread it, Save it. We don’t have a water quantity issue, we have a water containment issue.  Whether El Niño or drought, learning how to capture and use it can transform your garden. Participants will be able to:  identify most relevant water capture system(s) for your property (may include swales, dams, earthworks, ponds, greywater); use an A-frame to identify contour lines (for swales), and know how to implement the best system for your circumstances. 

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