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Gifting Peace of Mind

Dec 07, 2015 04:40PM ● By Cristina Candelori

Ken Marson and Cristina Candelori

Ken Marson has volunteered for years helping seniors throughout the City of Pleasant Hill and driving the senior van every week. He has had countless conversations with seniors frustrated by their limitations in the upkeep of their homes. There are options for older homeowners who want or need to make adjustments and this is a wonderful gift opportunity for loved ones. There are a few simple steps seniors can take to protect their wishes and their families:

Know What You Want

We have to ask ourselves some questions: Do you have to stay in your home or can you live with children? Is your home too big or require too much maintenance? Do you have dependent children or pets? Are you an active senior, or do you need long term care? Once we decide on the basics, we can create a working plan.

Understand Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is an option for homeowners who have either paid off their home or paid it down considerably. It’s important to make sure that both spouses are age 62 or older and listed as co-owners and co-borrowers. A reverse mortgage professional can help you understand whether this is a good option for your situation.

Write A Will

Without a will, your assets can get locked in probate for up to a year and a court will decide who gets what. Writing a will is one of the easiest things you can do. You can make your own decisions about your home and even choose a realtor that you trust to handle the sale. With a will in place, everyone will know exactly what you want. 

Options and Finances

Many of us want to stay in our homes as long as possible, but there are other options just as comfortable or better. For example, the mother of our client Lisa is 94 years old and wants to stay in her home indefinitely, which may not be realistic. She may benefit from selling her home and opting to live in a senior community where there are many activities for seniors and friendships to be gained. By selling her home, Lisa’s mom would also be able to create trust funds for her grandchildren’s college education, take a family vacation, and give her family peace of mind knowing that they won’t need to sell the home later on. 

It’s Done. Celebrate!

It’s important to seek advice and start the conversation. Once you’ve done the hard stuff, you can rest easy knowing you have given yourself and loved ones the gift of planning.

We care about the families living in our community. Please reach out to us for more helpful advice. We are your Pleasant Hill neighbors and want you to love where you live. 

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Ken Marson and Cristina Candelori

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