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Pleasant Hill's Farmers' Market Closes Soon

Oct 29, 2015 11:13PM ● By Jennifer Neys
You can visit the Pleasant Hill Farmers’Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm until it closes for the season on November 14. 

It’s the time of year to give thanks for family and friends, for good health, and for the bounty on our tables. The hard work of your local farmers has provided the best fruits and vegetables, flowers, honey, breads, and other California-grown products for your holiday meals. And it’s the perfect time to stop by the Pleasant Hill farmers’ market to pick up your ingredients for the family feast.

There are sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkins, and winter squash. You can also pick up crisp apples, plump grapes, persimmons, pomegranates, and citrus. Sweet local honey is here for your favorite side dish and dessert recipes, fragrant fall flowers for decorating the table, pumpkins and gourds to place on your front porch, and fresh bakery items like stuffing mix, pies, and dinner rolls to make your meal preparations easier.

Take time at the farmers’ market to enjoy your gift-finding sojourn. Stroll the aisles and really savor the season! The Pleasant Hill Farmers’ Market also has wonderful holiday gift ideas—from soaps and lotions and flowers to baskets of oranges, jams, and honey.

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