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Colleen Callahan Discusses Changes in Open Enrollment

Oct 01, 2015 01:35PM ● By Colleen Callahan

In September, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by having a wonderful dinner at the Dead Fish and leaving the following morning to go camping in Oregon. Full discloser, we have a travel trailer; I am not the roughing it kind of gal! Oregon is beautiful and the scenery is diverse, much like California. We were able to see the seasons begin to change. 

Fall is definitely a time of change, and not just in the seasons, colors, and school. Thanks to the government, it is time for changes to our health insurance. October 15 is the beginning of the annual open enrollment period for those that have Part D Medicare prescription coverage.  If you are not happy with your plan or if your medication list has changed, now is time to research other options.  There will be loads of advertisements.  If you want to do some research yourself, check on An insurance agent certified to work in Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug market can also help. You have until December 7 to move to another plan, and the new plan is effective January 1, 2016.

The government, in its infinite wisdom, selected the fall for the annual open enrollment for anyone with an individual health insurance plan. It is also time to obtain coverage if you have been uninsured. This year, the Federal guidelines state the open enrollment will be from November 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016. If you are not pleased with your plan, now is the time to make changes. 

If you need help with your prescription plan or you would like to change your health insurance, please give me a call. Thanks to those of you that called last month.  I realized it is not just my mom who reads these articles!

Colleen Callahan, CLU, CASL, LUTCF


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