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Rewards of Walking

May 25, 2015 10:23AM ● By Jennifer Neys

Submitted by the Pleasant Hill Commission on Aging

The sun is out and flowers are blooming. Friendship and fitness are two prescriptions for keeping the golden in your years. Why not do both at the same time? Walking and swimming groups are alive and keeping people well right here in Pleasant Hill. The Irvin Deutscher YMCA offers daily classes in water aerobics, arthritis aerobics, and lap swimming. Fitness and friendships bloom together in these classes.

Hippocrates said, "Walking is man's best medicine". One of the most popular trails in the park district system is the Contra Costa Canal Trail. It is a paved pathway (accessible to wheelchairs) and meanders along the Contra Costa Canal. Many walk its pleasant paths; others rest at benches along the way or feed the ducks.

If you like company on your walks, just type in “Walking for Fitness in Pleasant Hill” in your browser ( and multiple meet-up sites will appear. If you are into fitness and a fast pace, or have chronic pain, there is a walking group for you! 

Walking and water fitness can:

·      Reduce risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

·      Reduce high cholesterol

·      Lower blood pressure

·      Reduce risk of colon cancer

·      Reduce body fat

·      Increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

·      Reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes

·      Help with overall flexibility

·      Increase mental well being

Stay young by staying fit:

Fit and active people have approximately half the risk of cardiovascular disease compared to unfit people. In addition, fit people tend to sleep better, have better coordination, greater flexibility, and stronger bones. Fit people are less likely to fall and suffer injuries such as hip fractures and are less prone to depression and anxiety. 

Spring is in the air. Let’s get out there!