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May Pleasant Hill Mayor's Message

May 01, 2015 10:39AM ● By Elena Hutslar

By Mayor Ken Carlson

We are now facing our fourth consecutive year of drought. Last year, Governor Brown declared a “drought state of emergency.” Now, over the last several weeks the news has continually been filled with increasing water restrictions, controls, and rate/drought surcharge increases. Our snow pack has never been so low. Then, in early April, the governor issued his executive order mandating water restrictions across the state. Subsequently, our water providers for Pleasant Hill, East Bay MUD, and Contra Costa Water District are moving forward with rate increases, drought surcharges, and limitation plans. I am proud our residents are answering the call for voluntary conservation and know we will all work hard to continue to conserve as we struggle through this drought.

On April 21, the California Water Commission came to Pleasant Hill seeking input and providing information about how to allocate approximately $2.7 billion in Proposition 1 water storage funds. Planning for the future to prepare for an ever increasing need for water resources and future droughts should be all of our concern. I am excited to see the ideas and future of the Water Storage Investment Program.

However, the current drought needs an immediate effort from all of us. Both EBMUD and CCWD have programs to assist us in conserving water. CCWD offers a Water Conservation Survey. They will come and inspect your home’s landscaping and irrigation and teach you ways to save. Both provide tips on leak and efficiency detection. A simple way to check for leaks within your home is to shut off all water using fixtures and appliances. Then, read your meter and note the reading. Come back an hour later and see if the reading has changed. A change will identify a possible leak.

Also, evaluate if it is time to upgrade to a more efficient toilet, washer, or dishwasher. Both may still have rebate programs for the purchase and installation of more efficient toilets or appliances. Check both EBMUD and CCWD websites at and for more information.

A Chance to Fight Cancer at Relay For Life

Cancer afflicts or claims so many people that nearly everybody is touched somehow. A powerful way to participate in the fight against cancer is through Relay For Life, an awareness-raising and fund-raising event to support the American Cancer Society. The sixth annual Relay For Life of Pleasant Hill will be held May 30-31 at the Pleasant Hill Middle School track. It runs 10am, Saturday, to 10am, Sunday -- a 24-hour event to signify that cancer never sleeps and neither does the fight against cancer. To sign up or get more details, go to; e-mail [email protected]; or call 925-944-4898.