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Many Changes the Past Five Years

Mar 01, 2015 02:36PM ● By Colleen Callahan

Thanks to the rain, the hills are a beautiful shade of green. It is a great time to hike in Briones with my dog.

March is Women’s History Month, and 2015 marks the 35th anniversary of the Women’s History Movement and the National Women’s History Project. There have been many changes over the past five years in my industry, and I am so grateful to be in a group of women that meets monthly to talk about the challenges and problem solve for our clients. We discuss new regulations and issues with employee benefits, and we learn about new insurance products.

Last year I attended a seminar about long-term care insurance. The woman giving the presentation made a very direct and simple statement; long-term care is a woman’s issue. On average, women live seven years longer than our male counterparts! Therefore, we require lengthier care as we age. Women provide care and assume responsibility for our family’s health and welfare by caring for our elderly parents, an ill spouse, and sometimes even an adult child.

While men tend to have more acute health episodes that lead to earlier, more rapid deaths, women tend to have more chronic diseases that impair mobility, leading to the need for long-term care. The facts suggest a compelling reason to consider long-term care insurance.

March also means we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Growing up in an Irish family, it confused me the first time someone asked, ”When is St. Patrick’s Day?”  To me that was like asking, “When is the Fourth of July?” Typically, it is understood that green is the color of the day, but did you know that St. Patrick’s color was originally blue? So, on March 17 what color will you be wearing?

Colleen Callahan CLU, CASL, LUTCF

[email protected]