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Our Community Focus

Concord Community of Artists

Feb 20, 2015 12:05PM ● By Jennifer Neys
Nearly 100 people so far - artists, photographers, artisans, crafters, performers, illustrators, writers, dancers, musicians - have joined CCA to support our efforts to help creatives connect with each other and support the arts in Concord. With this particular show, we want to shine a light on those in our group who also live right here in our fine city. If you weren't sure, we're here to tell you - the arts are alive in Concord!

An Artist Reception at aRt Cottage is on Saturday, March 7 from 2-5pm. Food, wine, music, amazing art for sale. 2238 Mt. Diablo Street in Concord. Hours: Tues-Fri from 11am-5pm and Sat. from 1pm-5pm. For more information, visit: Concord Arts Alive Blogspot.

Concord Community of Artists is a multi-discipline collective of artists and creatives who come together to increase exposure for the arts in and around Concord.  The list of participating artists in Concord Arts Alive—Emerge! on display for the month of March at aRt Cottage:

Aaron Freeman
Anamilena Ayala
Catherine Hensiek
Emily Stepp
Jaide Marchand
Janet Mackenzie-Ely
Jeslyn Cantrell
Laurence Orme
Laurie Mansur
Lisa Fong
Lisa Fulmer
Lois Willhite
Margarette Sheldon
Mary Frances Crabtree
MJ Coleman
Pat Strout
Robbin Milne
Ryan Idryo
Susan Pace-Koch
Sylvia Nuzzo Philis
Tim Dallas
Tracie Timmer