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Spruce Up for Spring Sale

Feb 01, 2015 01:35PM ● By Glenn Allen

by Glenn Allen

“What projects should I tackle and how much should I spend to update my home prior to putting it on the market?” That is a question I help sellers answer day in and day out. If you were trying to sell your car for top dollar, you would have it detailed to make it sparkle and take care of any maintenance issues so it wouldn’t rattle. This same strategy works when selling your home, but the stakes are much higher. It’s no mystery that listings in better shape typically sell for more than those in poor condition. Sellers are often resistant to the notion of investing time, effort and money into property they are moving out of. They may prefer to credit the buyers and let them pick the colors and carpets. Yet, time and again, sellers who properly prepare their homes reap the benefits in terms of faster sales and higher prices. 

Fixing your home up needn’t cost a lot, however, you must know how to effectively spend your efforts for maximum results. The right improvements will give you the biggest return on your investment. So that begs the questions: What should I do?  How much should I spend? The answer lies in the balance of your budget, the amount you spend on improvements, and the improvements you choose to do. It is my job to walk you through this process and make this as easy as possible for you. 

The most common improvements include painting, flooring, tidying up the landscaping, de-cluttering, and staging. Picking the right paint colors is just as important as anything else you do. This is where my staging designer’s expertise comes into play. She always picks the right paint colors, the right granite colors, and the right flooring colors; she is a master colorist! Changing outdated outlets, switches, light fixtures and mirrors will help modernize your home on a budget. Another common improvement is changing out the baseboards so they match throughout the home. If you have an outdated kitchen, there is a cost effective way to update for less than 15% of the cost of a new kitchen. Painting the cabinets, changing the hardware and putting in new granite countertops will have a huge impact.   

My job is help you make wise decisions, and as an additional service to my clients, I manage the entire process. I have extensive experience and have a team of professionals that can make this happen.

Next month I will detail the steps of this process and give you greater insights. Contact me for a private consultation or for a free report, Best Strategies for Getting Top Dollar For Your Home. You can also follow my blog at\blog.