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Pine Meadow Golf Course Headed for Development

Jan 30, 2015 04:10PM ● By Jennifer Neys

Pine Meadows Golf Course in Martinez

At the January 21 city council meeting, 4 of 5 council members approved actions for the development by DeNova Homes for 99 single-family residences on the property at 451 Vine Hill Way, approximately 25.9 acres at the intersection of Center Avenue and Vine Hill Way.

Councilmember AnaMarie Avila Farias said, “I’ve had a lot of time to vet this and review the documents. We need to embrace change and growth. We don’t have the financial resources to acquire this parcel given all our other competing needs. The median age in Martinez is 41 and includes young families and middle class professionals. The reality is that our community demographics has changed, and with that we’ve become a more diverse community with diverse needs and this is a good thing. We need housing that attracts new families. We need housing that caters to people wanting to downsize. You’re going to have families, seniors, and first time homebuyers, so I am very pleased to hear what you are proposing. I support the project wholeheartedly.”

The property has been used as a golf course for 50 years and is vacant of structures except for a clubhouse and storage sheds. The project site currently has an Open Space & Recreation, Permanent General Plan Land Use Designation. The city will change the zoning to Planned Unit Development (residential) to allow for the development.

Councilmember Lara Delaney was in opposition to the development and said, “This is probably THE most difficult decision that I’ve faced on my 12 years on the council so far. It is the most controversial. I am pro housing and pro growth and pro jobs. They are all the things I support and all the things I want in this community; I want us to move forward and have the housing opportunities for people to move into Martinez and enjoy Martinez, but we need to be sensitive to the residents that live here as well, and the residents that live here have seen this piece of land that has a permanent open space recreation designation on it for the last 40 years. I think we owe it to them to preserve it. We are choosing here not to honor that. I think the community deserves better than just 99 houses on that site. I will not support it.”

According to the "Friends of Pine Meadows" Facebook page, "Friends of Pine Meadow has begun a referendum drive on the Resolution approving the General Plan Amendment to change Pine Meadow from Permanent Open Space/Recreation to residential housing. We believe this is too important an issue to leave to just this council to decide. It will have a significant effect on the future of Martinez, and requires a vote of the public. We believe it will be a very bad precedent and be used as a way to undermine open space throughout Martinez in the future. See the full text of the announcement at"