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Exercising While On The Clock

Nov 02, 2014 11:39AM ● By Jennifer Neys

By Tonya Amos

If you’re ready to add more exercise to your life but can’t fit it into your busy schedule, add movement to your workday. Changing a few elements of how you conduct business will burn calories, create healthier joints, and impact your overall wellbeing. Here are ways to move your body while on the clock:

Hoof it to work (or at least to your bus stop or BART station).  Wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk, bike, or, if you’re really ambitious, roller skate. Adding a short walk to your commute can make a big difference when done five days a week.  

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll get some great leg, hip and glute work while getting your heart rate up.

Get up frequently. Sitting in a chair for hours on end is rough on your joints and metabolism. Getting up to take a short walk every hour helps you “re-set.”  

Sit on a ball. Swapping out your chair for part of the day activates the core muscles, which encourages good posture and helps support the spine. Make sure the ball is slightly deflated so you don’t fall.

Answer the phone standing up.  This insures that you stretch your legs frequently and are on your feet for part of your long workday.

Take a walk at lunch.  A short, brisk walk around the block before settling back to your desk works wonders.

Take your meeting on the road.  Instead of sitting with co-workers over coffee, take a break or have a meeting while walking.  You’ll boost both your body and brainpower.

With forty hours a week, making a few changes at work adds up to better health.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised with your improved fitness and will be stronger by the end of the quarter.







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