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Actions and Goals

Nov 02, 2014 11:35AM ● By Jennifer Neys

By Kevin Arndt, Forma Gym

Last month I talked about consistency being the secret to fitness success.  No matter what, stick to a workout plan and don’t miss a day.  Not every workout is going to be your best, but it is always progress.  However, there is a caveat: what are your goals? 

Working with athletes, I usually see high effort. Sometimes they come in flat, but for the most part they want to be a standout in their sport, so they come into the gym knowing they need to out-work their competition. However, not everyone trains like an athlete. Nor do they always need to.  I ask any client of mine, “Do your actions align with your goals?” 

The general population doesn’t have to out-work their competition in the gym, so workouts require a different mindset. If your goal is to just move more, then going to the gym and doing a quick strength training routine or a 30-minute walk will meet your goals. But, are you trying to fit into a pair of pants that you wore 30 pounds ago or are you trying to get a six-pack? If this is the case, then ask yourself, “Am I doing the necessary work?” If you have aggressive goals, you need to have aggressive actions. You can’t be a millionaire by only working one hour a day, and you can’t get a celebrity beach body with minimal effort. This will never work. NEVER. In order to reach an aggressive goal, you need to be spot-on with your nutrition, exercise, and recovery. And be consistent. 

A person has to look in the mirror and be honest with who is looking back. Is this goal what you really want, or something you only think you want? If it is something you know you want, then go for it. Give it everything you have. It will be worth the effort. But if it is something you only think you want, you will be miserable, and, chances are, you will discourage yourself because you are not fully bought into your goal.

This isn’t an excuse for you to not work hard and eat right. This is an article to help you understand that getting fit and healthy isn’t always about looking a certain way, but rather feeling a certain way, and it’s one more approach to making exercise and health a part of who you are and not something you have to do. Exercise and good health should always be enjoyable.   


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