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Horoscopes vs. Fortune Cookies

Oct 29, 2014 08:33PM ● By Jennifer Neys
By Julie Ross

To refresh your memory, the September “Julie Says” column called for readers to send in fortune cookie messages they would enjoy seeing their loved and not-so-loved ones receive, with the winning entry to be announced this month. Before we get to the winner, the following fortunes are a sampling of the cleverest and/or most touching sentiments I received.

Reader Harriet Buckley has this message for her 95-year-old father: “Though your authoritative role may have waned, your kind words and positivity speak volumes.” Isn’t that lovely? It would probably be the most heart-warming fortune a dad could ever crack out of a cookie.

 Christie Noble offered up one of her favorite sayings: “Those who judge don’t count. Those who count don’t judge,” a message relevant to all of us.

 I got a special kick out of Tracy Woodward’s entry: “People who live in glass houses should dress in the basement.” Tracy helpfully included the translation, “If you are in the public eye, you should ensure your private activities stay private.” Politicians and celebrities take note!

 Back in the heartfelt mode, Cynthia Murdock offered up this fortune for a friend: “Breathe deeply of forgiveness and grace will follow.” That is beautiful advice. Cynthia’s fortune for not-so-much-a-friend: “Be careful not to ignore the truths before you lest you sink beneath the ash.” (Let’s all try to stay on Cynthia’s good side.)

One of the fortunes Pleasant Hill resident Paula Ota submitted brought to the forefront the gripping horoscopes vs. fortune cookies controversy. Which to believe -- the message meant to apply to everyone in the world born under a certain sign of the zodiac, or the fortune in the one special cookie opened by your hands only? Paula tells us, “Wise man say: horoscopes are for those who don’t like Chinese food.” Well, that clears it up once and for all.

 I have selected another of Paula Ota’s submissions as the winning entry. Like many of us, Paula has a new pedometer, and she has shared this brilliant and inspirational fortune: “A journey of a thousand steps…is one-tenth of your daily workout.” Thank you Paula!

Paula will be awarded the grand (and only) prize of a $50 gift certificate to Ming’s excellent Chinese restaurant in Pleasant Hill. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who sent in fortunes.

I would like to conclude with a Thanksgiving-themed fortune: “May you start a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.” Is that a curse or encouragement? You decide.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the break. And Paula, when you grow weary of leftovers, you can head over to Ming’s. Good fortune to all.

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