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The Secret to Results

Oct 24, 2014 09:08PM ● By Jennifer Neys

By Kevin Arndt, Forma Gym

Normally I base articles around athletic development or teens and exercise, but the information applies to everyone when it comes to fitness, and in some instances, life. I started my career training the general population, but over time I shifted to training athletes. Although the goals of athletes are different, successful clientele in every population have one thing in common when working out, the so-called “magic pill” that everyone searches for: consistency. I know this isn’t the sexy little secret you were hoping for, but it is the key to long-term success.

I have helped clients lose 60-plus pounds or come back from injuries, and I’ve helped athletes compete at some of the highest levels. Among every client who successfully met their goal, consistency was the common thread. It is impossible to think you will be able to workout at your absolute best every day. Too many stresses occur day in and day out. The most common problem I find with clientele is that if they eat badly, have a bad workout (or even miss a workout), they'll throw the rest of the week away and say, "I’ll start again on Monday when I can start fresh." 

To combat this I help my clients understand they will have bad days and sometimes they will eat poorly, but if they approach exercise as a regular part of life going forward, they will be successful. Usually you are going to know ahead of time if you are going to miss a workout, so schedule around that. You might have to workout on one of your scheduled off days. If you are sick, try to foam roll at home, nothing more. Just stay consistent. A workout doesn’t always have to be an all-out, chest-thumping session. Sometimes it is just foam rolling and mobility. It might just be barely enough to break a sweat. 

Understand you are going to have bad meals -- on vacation, with friends and family in town, or you just want to. That’s alright. Just don’t make it a habit; that is when you get into trouble. When you start becoming consistent with bad habits or you slip up on a meal, pick yourself up and get right back on track. You would be surprised how well it works. 

In closing, I want to challenge anyone out there who has been trying to lose weight, add more muscle, or go to the next level in sports to not miss one workout for a full four months. Move things around in your schedule to accommodate your workout. And if you can’t get your full workout in, do some foam rolling, mobility, a walk, something, anything. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but it has to be consistent. Let me know if you try this, then let me know your results.


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