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Chasing Tired

Sep 28, 2014 10:38AM ● By Jennifer Neys

Chasing Tired by Kevin Arndt

This article may be short, but the message is important. One mistake I see throughout my industry, when training athletes or the general population, is trainers and clients will often “chase tired,” meaning, instead of making the client stronger or more fit than when they walked in the door, the focus is just on making them tired. I believe clients should always feel like they got a great workout when they leave, but pushing past exhaustion for the sake of feeling tired, should never be the aim. 

Any trainer can make a client feel like they are going to be sick after a workout, but the goal should be to help clients stay on course over the long-term, or to relieve pain and get results, while assuring them a great day-to-day workout. There are huge risks associated with pushing the body to the max during every session without a thoughtful approach. The biggest risk is injury due to overtraining or using wrong form due to exhaustion. I do feel clients should always set a goal for a specific personal record when training, but pushing until they throw up or feel dizzy doesn’t qualify as a great workout. Christian Thibaudeau had a great quote regarding this: “Training until you puke might make you tough. But so does training in 110° weather until you get a heat stroke. Doesn’t make it smart.”

In the end, go to the gym to better yourself and set personal records, but don’t go to the gym just to get tired. Have a goal for what you want to accomplish and make sure your training is helping you reach that goal every day.