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City of Pleasant Hill Adopts Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

Aug 31, 2014 10:43PM ● By Jennifer Neys

On August 4th, the City Council adopted an ordinance to prohibit single-use (plastic) carryout bags in all retail stores. The ban will go into effect on February 2, 2015. Under the ordinance, all restaurants, grocery, pharmacy and other retail stores in Pleasant Hill will no longer provide single-use carryout plastic bags. Pleasant Hill is now the 114th City or County to adopt a plastic bag ban in California.

Stores will be permitted to sell paper bags, with handles, for a minimum of 10 cents for each bag. Customers will have the option to bring their own reusable bags, pay for paper bags, or opt not to use a bag to carry goods from the store.

Smaller protective plastic or paper bags, without handles, would still be allowed under the ordinance at no charge to the customer. Examples of these types of bags include:

  • Bags used to wrap fresh produce, baked goods, frozen foods or meat etc.
  • Bags used to protect spillage around containers of soups or other food items
  • Plastic film used to protect dry-cleaning
  • Paper bags used to protect merchandise such as bottled wine, candy, leftover food (‘doggy bags’), prescription drugs etc.
  • Paper bags used in fast food establishments

Retailers will be encouraged to sell reusable shopping bags which meet certain standards in terms of durability and the type of material used to manufacture the bag.  More details about these types of bags are available at

For more information about the plastic bag ordinance, go to or contact Martin Nelis at [email protected] or call (925) 671-5229.