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Movies Under the Stars - Aladdin

Bring your picnic and watch the stars come out over Walnut Creek. Stay for the movie and you’ll see some pretty impressive stars on our screen, too! Live music before the movie begins at 7pm. Movies begin at dusk. Please do not bring pets. Aladdin Friday, August 19 Civic Park 1375 Civic Dr Walnut Creek, CA 94596 After a sultan gives his daughter, Jasmine, three days to find a husband, she escapes the palace and encounters the street-savvy urchin Aladdin, who charms his way into her heart. While the sultan's Vizier, Jafar, weaves a spell so that he may marry Jasmine and become sultan himself, Aladdin discovers the Genie's lamp in a cave, rubs it, and sets the mystical entity free, leading the Genie to pledge his undying loyalty to the dazzled youth. Aladdin begins his quest to defeat Jafar and win the hand of the princess, with the Genie's help. Movies Under the Stars are brought to you by Walnut Creek Recreation and Walnut Creek Downtown. For further information: (925) 943-5858 or