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Content to Clients: Make Social Media Work for You

Social Media is a waste of time ... without Content Strategy! We'll dive into what the experts already know. Content Strategy is the secret that many social media experts ignore, yet it is the key to leveraging social media, filling your marketing funnel, and converting fans to clients. This is not for you if: * You want basic info on how to post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. * You're more concerned with gettings clients today, versus planning how your company will grow this year. * You need a quick fix. This is for you if: * You're already blogging and using social media. * You're starting to use Facebook (and other social media) advertising. * You want to work smarter, not harder. "Within 7 hours of making the first changes Gail recommended, I had a message in my LinkedIn mailbox inquiring about service. I really struggled to figure out how to post things that would be interesting to other people and how to integrate social media in my life. Working with Gail was amazing; she went through everything I need to set up a successful social media campaign for my business. Everyone needs to talk to Gail if they want to get the most out of their social media marketing! " - Mariska Rowell, Gail Nott is an Inbound Marketing Strategist, Founder of Nott Ltd Social Media, and a Collaborative Coach with Referral Institute Oakland. For the past six years, she specializes in "done-for-you" social media campaigns for local, growing businesses. She is the co-author of the book, Make Your Connections Count, earned her certificate in Advanced SEO from the Bay Area Search Engine Academy, and a two-time award winner from Constant Contact for best practices in email marketing. $197. Presented by Nott Ltd Social Media