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From Resolutions into Results 2016 - Nourish the Flame

Launch the New Year with renewed clarity, purpose, and vitality by giving yourself the time, space and energetic support to manifest your goals. Everyone wants a New Year full of health, wealth, love, skinny jeans and a perfect mate. Getting life energy flowing in the right direction to fuel those outcomes is what Way of Joy Expert and Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio offers at her 'Nourish the Flame' event in service to hundreds of spirit-led people serious about taking inspired action to make their bold intentions real in the New Year. * Make New Year's resolutions that STICK * Align your body, mind and spirit and experience true Spiritual Fitness * Break through old self-defeating patterns in minutes instead of years * Infuse your body with "Crystal Generator" energy and ignite your Spirit with the "Three Gates of Enlightenment" (Ancient embodied Qigong practices that WORK - even if you don't know how to pronounce it) * Laugh your way into the New Year, 'cause isn't it time you had some FUN? Bring in the JOY for 2016! Skyrocket Your Business and Your Life! About Way of Joy Expert and Qigong Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio Founder of the Way of Joy Spiritual Fitness Program and known as a "Renegade-Woo" Coach who brings together East Coast Attitude and West Coast Consciousness, Vicki Dello Joio leads workshops for audiences eager for transformation. For decades, Vicki Dello Joio has brought energy, excitement and transformation to appreciative workshop audiences numbering in the hundreds who share a desire to use movement to create miracles in their lives. Her brand of brilliance is guiding participants to use the power and intention behind the Chinese healing art of Qigong to wake up to possibilities and take decisive and deliberate steps to make them real. This event sells out so advance registration is highly recommended. $47. Presented by Way of Joy