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“Post Bop Original Jazz” "Sintiasmos" (Greek for combination) Peter Anastos - trumpet Steve Erquiaga - guitar/ bouzouki Jon Herrera - bass Andy Dillard - drums Frank Martin- keyboards George Mylordos - bouzouki Iter plays original material in a post-bop style plus “Greek jazz” – a mix of traditional Greek instrumentation and Greek folk dance musical foundations. It provides the band a platform for group improvisation and crowd-pleasing rhythmic patterns. The Iter concept, developed by Anastos, is a musical journey down the Roman road, or iter, of jazz. "A great program of modern jazz; original ideas with colors of the masters. The arrangements involve the whole band, adding lots of movement and dimension. Peter's strong melodies bear the personal stamp of his ear for the piquant interval. From buoyant to mysterious, classic to challenging, these are the iterations of Peter Anastos" - Tenor saxophonist and composer David Slusser.

Date & Time

October 23, 2015

8:00PM - 10:00PM