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Chakra Workshop

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Imbalanced chakra energy could be limiting you from living your best life! Chakra healing isn't just a concept - it's an effective learning tool that can help anyone in need - physically, emotionally & energetically.

Can cleaning your space change your chakra energy? This is just one concept that comes up from time to time in Lisa Ferrer's healing workshop!

The Workshop will be covering the following concepts:

• Learn to identify issues that cause imbalance in each chakra and how to balance them

• Discover how the chakras affect our physical health and how to work with them to optimize healing

• Spiritual, emotional and physical advancement, awareness and awakening

• Learn breathing techniques, sounds, colors and more that are used to optimize, balance and promote healing

• Deep work is performed on each of the 7 major chakras

Move limitations and find out more in Lisa Ferrer's interactive workshop on June 7th , 2015 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Workshop Fees: $395 ($345 if prepaid 2 weeks in advance)

Course Fee includes 7 pouches with stones and crystals 1 for each chakra.


CALL: (925) 497-2529



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