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“Trad Jazz” Jack Convery - banjo Bob Romans - cornet Bob Sakoi - cornet Pete Main - clarinet Jim Malhack - trombone Tom Downs - tuba Daryl Hosick - piano Coleman Sholl - percussion Cell Block 7 is a California jazz band favoring the West Coast traditional jazz sound of Lu Watters, Turk Murphy and the Bay City Jazz Band of the '50s in a classic jazz lineup led by two cornets. Their many festivals, tours, and concert successes are a direct result of their very professional approach coupled with a great sound and an extensive repertoire. As with most bands, the lineup has changed somewhat over the years, but most of the present team have been together for ten years or more. Cell Block 7 adds entertaining versatility by doubling their talents on three double-bell euphoniums, producing an array of different sounds and rhythms -- from fast, exciting trios to smooth and mellow blues -- all in wonderful low-brass harmony.

Date & Time

May 6, 2015

8:00PM - 10:00PM

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