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Jinx Jones - guitar/ vocals Vance Ehlers - bass Randy Odell - drums Come prepared for king-sized rockin' fun! In Jinx Jones’ impressive musical career he has visited nearly every conceivable style and genre of the electric guitar. From his work with R&B divas, En Vogue to his own acclaimed rockabilly album, “License to Twang,” Jones has always strived to expand the possibilities of the instrument. He accepts every musical challenge head on, always making an impressive statement with his music. The one thing that remains consistent throughout Jones’ multi-stylistic journey is the grace and finesse of his virtuoso playing. Jinx Jones has lent his guitar-playing prowess to many artists and groups during his career. In addition to the many bands Jinx has led over the years, he has been sideman to or recorded with Chuck Berry, En Vogue, Soloman Burke, Howard Bomar, Roy Buchanan and Nation Funktasia. Another dimension of Jinx Jones’ music is his impressive songwriting. Winning several songwriters’ awards, Jones’ continues to write songs that explore unknown territory, while telling a story that can reach out and touch every listener.

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March 27, 2015

8:00PM - 10:00PM

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