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Presented by Minor Chord Productions SORE THUMB Josh and Zach England - Vocals and Guitar Peter Goett - Bass Tom Altemus - Drums Tireless comparisons never quite cut it when describing a band to friends. However, the only comparison that really applies to Sore thumb is: Sore Thumb sounds nothing like the band Creed. Which in and of itself doesn’t make them a guaranteed good time but is a good place to start. Consider if the reverse were true. After years of compiling sappy diary entries, and being “persuaded” by music from the best decade ever (The 90s), Sore Thumb has crafted a set of music requires the listener to explore their innermost embarrassing moments. It’s a musical experience that isn’t afraid of self-effacement, nor of divulging the secret desires and fears of its creators. Vivid eidetic past moments are portrayed in the most excruciating detail, set to music that ranges from soft acoustic singer-songwriter, to mild Indi-rock. So come on down and hang out with Sore Thumb, reminisce with them about the days gone by. WONDER STRAND John Howland - guitar Andrew Gibson - bass Sweet Maui Dave - drums Wonder Strand is a soulful rock outfit based out of San Francisco's east bay. The music is honest and original. Three people playing real music with hooks, cool beats and guitars.

Date & Time

March 12, 2015

8:00PM - 10:00PM

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