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Macy Blackman - piano/ vocals

Nancy Wright - sax/ vocals

Ken "Snakebite" Jacobs - baritone sax

Bing Nathan - bass

Larry Vann - drums

Cd release party for "Friskin' the Whiskers"

“This Stuff Swings”

Music that swings like crazy, starting with Fats Waller, hitting Duke Ellington (REAL swing music), going through great jump blues with Louis Jordan and Joe Turner and ending with some early rock and roll (which swings like crazy).

Macy says : "My talking-it-up points begin with Duke Ellington's line about there being only two kinds of music - the good kind and the other kind. Duke liked to refer to his music as "swing" - he wasn't crazy about the word jazz. So basically, all good music swung from

the late 20's to the late 5o's. It changed about 1958 to where only jazz still swung. So we're re-uniting all these seemingly different genres under the banner of "This Stuff Swings". We have 2 Fats Waller tunes from 1928, an Ellington tune from the 30's, a Gershwin tune from the 30's, up through good jump blues and early rock and roll. It's all imminently danceable."

Hearing Macy Blackman is like stepping into an uptown New Orleans club such as the Dew Drop Inn circa 1955.

A renowned musicologist, Macy moved to San Francisco in 2000 to teach courses at UC Berkeley. These popular classes explored major American musical styles of the twentieth century - rhythm and blues, swing and classic jazz.

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