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Martinez residents invited to join together to voice concerns and opinions

In an effort to bring Martinez residents together and learn more about their concerns and the issues that affect them, Councilmember Lara DeLaney has organized a series of informal café-side chats. The “Lattes with Lara” café-side chats are open to all who wish to attend. They are designed to encourage residents to discuss their vision for the city, express their concerns, or to ask Lara questions about her re-election campaign platform. “It’s important that citizens be active in the political process,” states Councilmember DeLaney. “At the Council meetings there is a time limit, and standing up in front of the Council can be intimidating for some. The café-side chats provide an opportunity for residents to express themselves in a relaxed setting, and I think it will be fun too.” “Lattes with Lara” will take place at 9:30 a.m. at the following locations: • Sunday, Sept. 28 ̴ Barrelista, 736 Main Street • Saturday, Oct. 11 ̴ Saucie’s, 712 Main Street • Sunday, Oct. 26 ̴ Starbucks, Virginia Hills, 6688 Alhambra Councilmember Lara DeLaney is a Senior Deputy County Administrator for Contra Costa County. Lara is dedicated to: Revitalizing the Downtown while preserving its character ~Rebuilding the Marina into a destination location ~Increasing homeowner property values and revenue for local businesses ~Making Martinez a great place to live, work and play.
Date & Time
  • October 26, 2014
  • 9:30AM
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