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The Gondoliers

Feb 9 2018, 8pm; Feb 10 & 11, 2pm Due to a mix-up during infancy, a pair of handsome Venetian gondoliers have suddenly become kings! Their brand new wives aren't quite so pleased though, once they find out that the rightful king is also married by proxy to Casilda, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro! Only one pair can be the rightful rulers but, until the identity of the true monarch can be established, the boys must share the royal duties. Being idealists, they really don't mind! Set by the sun-dappled, lazy waters of the Grand Canal, the singing Gondolieri and Contadine, and the "Cachucha" danced at the Royal Court at Barataria, make The Gondoliers an exuberant, happy valentine, wrapped in some of Sullivan's most tuneful music and tied with one of Gilbert's most fanciful libretti. Within this joyful opera Gilbert ingeniously skewers issues of social equality and the class system with his usual brilliant wit and groundbreaking lyrics alongside Sullivan's lovely, lilting score. "a hilarious island of sunshine" - The Mercury News $25-54. Presented by Lamplighters Music Theatre.

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday and Saturday

Feb 10, 2018 through Feb 11, 2018

2:00PM - 4:30PM

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