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Q&A Family Law & Litigation Equipment Appraisals

Join ASA equipment appraiser Jack Young, ASA, CPA, for information about equipment appraisals for litigation & family law. Jack will answer your questions about equipment appraisals and explain the importance of independent, defensible and USPAP compliant equipment appraisals for family law and litigation. Discover the benefits of using a shared expert as well as how a qualified appraiser can help address the issues of differences in value if sharing an appraisal expert is not a possibility. Learn how to order an equipment appraisal and what to expect from the valuation process. This event is for attorneys, business valuation appraisers, CPAs and paralegals who will get valuable information on how equipment appraisals can help their clients in situations such as divorce, estate and gift, fire loss, buy/sell litigation and other business disputes. Qualified machinery and equipment appraisals are needed for litigation cases, ad valorem property tax appeals, due diligence, business combinations, family matters such as estates for a deceased or a divorce, and insurance claim litigation. Don't miss this chance to have all your questions answered. Can't make our Q&A session about equipment appraisals for litigation & family law? Visit our website or contact us at (530)-795-5536. NorCal Valuation Inc. provides unbiased independent machinery and equipment appraisals with experience in business assets and all machinery and equipment used in construction, trucking, manufacturing, food service, food processing, grocery stores and retail markets, printing, farming, ranching, vineyards and orchards, extractive industries, and recreational facilities & landscaping maintenance. Our machinery and equipment appraisal reports are the work of an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Machinery & Technical Specialties, the designation awarded by the American Society of Appraisers to educated, experienced and qualified individuals in the specialized equipment appraisal industry. Free Presented by NorCal Valuation
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