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Reconciling Science and Religion with Bill Garrett

The Paganism emergent in the 21st century is not what you might think. The word "pagan" evokes multiple resonances— some colorful, some scary. Historically, "pagan" was used mostly as a term of disparagement by traditional monotheistic religions: alternative philosophies and religions were lumped together under the designation paganus— beliefs found among unsophisticated rural dwellers with their "country ways," beliefs that were scripted as both naive and tainted by a hint of savagery. The tensions between science and religion are well-known: evolution or creationism?? As humans, we have a need for BOTH. This class will elaborate the details of this turn in modern thinking, and speculate on why it is necessary, indeed inevitable.

Date & Time

Weekly on Friday

Feb 10, 2017 through Mar 17, 2017

1:30PM - 3:30PM

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(925) 969-4600