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Martinez' Stance on Immigration and Resolution

Apr 04, 2017 08:22AM ● Published by Jennifer Neys

City’s Stance on Immigration and Resolution

At the March 15 city council meeting, council made a motion and adopted a resolution reinforcing that the City of Martinez is committed to being an inclusive, tolerant, and supportive community for everyone.

In light of recent events and the national attention about immigration, on March 1, 2017, the city council discussed their stance on immigration and affirmed the commitment to treating people equally, embracing diversity, and providing services to all people, regardless of their immigration status. The discussion led to the review of a draft resolution reinforcing the commitment to being an inclusive, tolerant, and supportive community for everyone. A portion of the resolution includes, “the City of Martinez will not inquire upon a resident’s immigration status in either provision of municipal services or in the course of law enforcement and the City of Martinez Police Department shall not arrest or detain any person solely for violations pertaining to immigration status.” The city council is firm in their commitment to ensure that all people residing in, working in, visiting, and passing through the City of Martinez be safe, treated with dignity, and treated equally.


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